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Custom System Design

new-system Looking for a complete customizable system?   

Would you like to design custom system for gaming, special purpose project, CAD, or server? We are here to help you to achieve your dream. We will consult you based on your needs. We will provide you professional advice while selecting hardware and software as well as security system. You can always count on us to receive world class services. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Now-a-days, it is obvious that you can easily find cheap system in local market or online market place. So, lots of people does not like to design custom system anymore. Despite low prices in the market place, there are some users still want to design custom system for many different reasons. Specially gamer, CAD users and some business owner would like to design their own custom system.

There are many advantages designing custom system. They are as follows…

  1. Design your computer according to your own specifications:
    You can pick your own computer parts such as computer tower, motherboard, processor, memory, video cards, hard drive, optical drive, audio card, network card, and many other peripheral devices according to your interest and budget.

  2. Eliminate bottle-necking in the system:
    When you design custom system, you can match one component speed with another component. Doing so; all components can work together in the same speed. Which eliminate bottle-necking in the system. Virtually, every component in the computer system has their own speed. Specially Processor, Memory, Hard drive, Optical drive, WIFI card, and video card. One thing to remember, all components in the system must be compatible to motherboard specification. Motherboard is heart of the computer. If you do not pay attention on computer components speed and build a system, your system may not function on its top performance.  Most of the pre-made computer system does not have same or similar component speed. Thus, it creates lagging or bottle-necking. For example, if system has good motherboard, fast processor and memory but if they do not use fast enough hard drive to catch up with processor, memory and motherboard speed, it will create bottle-necking. That means all other component can process data quicker but not hard drive. So, your system will run slower and create a problem like lagging in speed.

  3. Upgradability & availability:
    When you design custom system, you can easily upgrade components in the future. During system design, if you use good quality motherboard, you can easily upgrade such a system for long time and continue to use. Most custom system uses standard parts, so if you need to replace those parts in the future, you can find them easily in very reasonable cost.

  4. Longer Warrantee:
    Most of the branded computers come with limited warranty for a year only. Besides, their warranty becomes void if you fail to use your computer as per their company guidelines. Such as; if you open computer case to clean inside, you will void their warranty. In custom system, most of the parts are standard in retail box and comes with 3 to 5 years warranty from manufacture directly. Branded computer company use many generic computer components in their PC, and they charge you hundreds of dollars for nothing but their brand name. So, it does not last long either.

  5. Save you money in long run:
    Custom-built system can save you lots of money in the long run due to the quality & standard components being used. Custom system last way longer than pre-made computer due to its quality and expandability. Most pre-made computer used proprietary components. If you need to replace them, you must order from them in higher cost. In custom built system, you do not have to pay for any pre-installed software that you don’t need.

  6. Quality components:
    When you build your custom system, you will purchase retail box item which carry longer warranty. So, you will get quality product. Branded computer company use low quality parts in their mass manufactured machines.

  7. Performance & reliability:
    Most professional system builders check and test (bench-mark) each component extensively. This way, every custom system delivers higher standard performance which exceed your expectation. You will get most up-to-date BIOS firmware and driver installed in every custom system also. This kind of micro attention is not possible with mass production by branded company.

At Heartland Computer, we are here to help you designing your beautiful and powerful custom system by our highly trained, experience and certified technician. We will explain how every component will work together and exceed your expectation. You will get full one-year warranty from us. Besides, you will also receive standard manufacture warranty on most of the parts anywhere from 3 to 5 years warranty. After Heartland warranty expire, during manufacture warranty, we will help you process your RMA work for FREE.


Let us build your Dream Machine (Custom System) today. You will LOVE it !



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